• Gnome File Manager Showing Unplugged USB Devices

    Hello everyone!

    I am a newbie to Antergos and I am still struggling. Recently I plugged an android phone and unplugged it without “ejecting” the USB devices. This made the file manager to keep showing the device in the sidebar, and it shows for each time that I plug/unplug the device without “ejecting”. The sidebar keeps growing and growing and there is no option to remove these entries. Does anyone know how to refresh the sidebar?



  • your system is fully updated?

  • @joekamprad Yes, my system is up-to-day. Every other day I run ‘sudo pacman -Syyu’.

    — Cesar

  • We have this issue one week before and a update solve this, as we was thinking…

  • @joekamprad You were right! Though I had applied the latest update for the gvfs-mtp module, I needed to restart my computer, which I haven’t done it for several days now. Problem solved.


    — Cesar.

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