• Package not found on AUR (GitKraken)

    Hey everyone. I was about to complain to the AUR maintainer because GitKraken wasn’t updating but it (in the application) says there’s an update. Then I realized that the version of gitkraken I have came from the antergos repo, not AUR. Looking up gitkraken on AUR’s web interface I realized that it should be up to date, but it doesn’t even show up when I search for it in pacman!

    I’m not even sure how many more things I’m missing updates for because of this issue, could someone help me troubleshoot this? It should at least be showing up. Yes, I have AUR enabled. Just reinstalled Antergos yesterday, because I have severe system stability issues that are likely all my fault - my laptop battery dies? Gotta reinstall again.

    Thanks for any reply, even if you’re somewhat condescending. Virtually anything you say will help in some way.

  • This post auto-generated the gitkraken tag. I took a look at the other posts with this tag and found this post.

    Basically the solution was to install gitkraken with yaourt.

    yaourt gitkraken

    Hope this helps someone!

  • create a pull request for gitkraken 3.3.1 at github for Antergos:
    testing package aviable over my private repo;
    joekamprad Antergos package gitkraken 3.3.1-1

  • https://build.antergos.com/package/gitkraken

    is aviable over antergos-repo now…

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