• Please rate my intro!

    Hi everyone! I made an intro for my YouTube channel with Blender in Linux. Could anyone give me feedback?


  • @CadenMitchell
    I guess it’s fine.
    I don’t like intros on youtube, becasue here in Brazil, people make 2 minutes videos, the first and the last 30 seconds are intros, asking for subscription etc. That’s why i started speeding up videos with “enhancer” :)
    I recommend to always make a short intro, 12 seconds like you did is fine.

  • @fernandomaroto Yes! I agree! Short and simple! Asking for a certain number of likes for the next video feels like holding the viewers hostage. I have always hated it! That makes me click out of a video every time!

  • I like your Intro.
    It is simple, looks good and is short. Great work.

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