• Which Antergos Desktop do you use?

    You can vote for 3!

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  • @joekamprad It’s neck and neck! lol. Nice to see a new survey with more options.

  • use to be openbox for a long time but i have finally settled in to Gnome now :)

  • I’ve always liked Mate works for me :)

  • @kc1di then if you use Mate, vote for it 😎

    I want to see more votes here, like 500 would be good to see what is used the most…

  • come on cinnamon users! Vote for cinnamon, we can win!!!

  • For some reason loading the poll takes ages here. However, I managed to vote for Gnome. :)

  • Come on people, we all know you REALLY want to vote for Deepin😄.

  • Deepin for me. For now anyway.

    I’ve been using Antergos for a couple of months and tried a couple of the latest desktops out for feel. Cinnamon was just…weird. And my favourite from way back, KDE, was hideously clunky in ways I can’t actually describe. Might try Gnome at some point but I was always opposed to them hiding every setting from their users in favour of simplicity, hence why I used to love KDE.

  • 14 dec. 2017 = 30 votes!
    0_1513254371613_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-12-14 13-25-55.png

    Interesting is xfce over KDE !!!

  • @joekamprad With Manjaro out there. Albeit it also features KDE Xfce over KDE seems enourmous. I’m still on Arch with Mate. Don’t know if the development of Mate will continue but on the other hand gtk4 hasn’t cought on with Gnome yet and still like the weather in Mate-panel. Xfce is kind of flexible and you can use mate-panel there to some extend. But don’t know if that’s part of the popularity or if you can use mate-panel in other desktops as well

  • @joekamprad xfce over Gnome! That is interesting!!!

  • Xfce is the most trouble-free of them all… :)

  • can’t believe I’m the only one using mate

  • Mate is quite good and somewhat similar to Xfce, but in my mind Xfce is slightly more versatile. :)

  • long time xfce was used not that much, but it looks like getting a comeback!

  • @joekamprad
    And the reason must be that it just works… :)

  • and the other reason: it is slim, and users do ot like that overload anymore, also because the desktop is going to background, as we mostly into webservices.

  • @joekamprad True. Apps are becoming more important, and the role of the OS/DE is to work properly and not be in the way of doing stuff.

  • Wow, 35 Antergos users?
    NO kidding, I love Antergos. It’s fast, it’s stable and it’s Arch!

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