• gnome printer settings detect wireless printer but..

    Hi. I installed antergos in my office and gnme printer settings detect my hp officejet wireless printer but, while ubuntu works out of the box, this printer “doesn’taccept jobs” even id I opened firewall for cups, ipp, hplip and avahi. what else could it be? even if I try to install a new driver , it doesn’t work.
    If I setup the printer via hp-setup giving the exact ip number, it works. so now I have two entries pointing to the same printer and the automatical one can’t be canceled…

  • You need to open gnome-control-center from top right drop down, got to devices, choose printers and unlock settings over the button top right of the settings window, then you will be able to remove.

  • And most hp printers need a proprietary plugin aviable over hp-setup, it is downloading this on the setup process.
    This is causing the problem on automatic added printer…

  • well beyond that point. the problem is that after remove it comes back automagically. and hp plugin is already installed both in Ubuntu and antergos

  • then mark the one you create manually as default will be a workaround, but it is odd indeed :)

  • looks like the wireless network printers are automatically detected but not usable. if you try to erase it, it pops up after some minute again.

  • I have this problem as well. The printer device which is detected and setup automatically does not work and is marked as “Does not accept jobs”.

    I setup my printer using hp-setup and now my printer, marked as default, works. The problem I have is this unusable printer device automatically comes back no mater how often I delete it. I see 2 printers on the printer device tab and also whenever I try to print (Libreoffice etc.).

    How can this be permanently deleted and not automatically detected, or how can it detect the correct printer?

  • edit the

    sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

    and set

    Browsing Off

    and restart cups-server sudo systemctl restart org.cups.cupsd.service

    can do the trick…

  • Setting to Off removed the working printer I setup using hp-setup. The automatically setup printer, even though I removed it, is still automatically re-created and still marked as “Does not accept jobs”.

  • @joekamprad said in gnome printer settings detect wireless printer but..:

    can do the trick…

    so not doing the trick :( i can not test it caus my printer is usb only

  • @joekamprad Hopefully someone will post a solution… thanks for trying!

  • So the workaround is to set the printer you add with hp-setup as default…
    You can try to rename the automatic added one, and run sudo hp-setup -i right after this – say yes to add a new printer qeue… then name this one with the original name of automatic added, erase the renamed auto added one and left the one configured with hp-setup … understand what i want to say?

  • @joekamprad I ran the setup with the -i option. Runs in text mode. Either way, same problem. Naming doesn’t seem to matter. A sort of clue, CUPS only shows one printer. I give up for now. I spent days trying to get this changing all kinds on .conf files. I did a fresh install yesterday, and tried your suggestions with the newer installation.

  • I would blame this to system-config-printer

  • Yes, the hp printer needs a proprietary plugin available over hp-setup, I downloaded successfully this now if it causing any problem with your printer to try the blog of Printer is in an error state,

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