• Dell XPS13 (9365) - Suspend battery drain

    Hello everyone,
    I just recently bought Dell XPS13 9365. I installed Antergos and everything worked well until I tried to suspend. First of all I couldn’t resume, but I found out I have to hold the power button for a while and it resumes alright. Although the battery drain is really big (about 5% an hour). Did anyone stumble into similar difficulties and did you solve them?

    I read somewhere that it only supports “s2idle”. I tried “deep” suspend (as it was the other option in /sys/power/mem_sleep) but I wasn’t able to resume from this type of suspend.

    I switched from LightDM to GDM and installed TLP (some other software as well but I don’t think it’s significant). If you have more questions or want some log files, I’ll be happy to add them.
    Thanks in advance

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