• Antergos can't recover from sleep

    Hi everyone! I recently installed LXDE alongside Gnome and I’ve been having some issues. The problem is not performance or crashes, it’s the login. I believe that Antergos uses LightDM for its display manager but I’ve had many problems with it. The biggest problem is that the display manager occasionally crashes after going to sleep mode. I then have no choice but to power off the system with the power button. Is there any way that I can change the display manager to the LXDE display manager?

  • @CadenMitchell
    Display managers are lightdm, sddm, and gdm. OK, you have lxdm or lxdm-gtk3 but I’ve no experience of them.
    They can be changed like this:

    systemctl disable lightdm
    systemctl enable sddm

    but naturally you need to install the new display manager package first.

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