• Hello Everyone

    I’m here to find some information about antergos, since I really want to go back to Arch, but don’t really have time and the dedication to build the system from scratch.
    But last experiences with an Arch based System were quite bad with the nvidia and or bumblebee graphics driver break after every single minor update…
    So I used Kubuntu and KDE Neon as my daily drivers, after being Windows Free for almost 2 years, since a Windows Update deleted the whole hdd, afterwards I banned Microsoft from my PC.

    Well thats enough background story. I experimented with Antergos a bit in a virtual machine for now and I really like it. But the Nvidia problems still bugging me, so I hope to find some more information here.

  • Welcome here my friend!
    As far as i can see we have some experts on bumblebee here! And it should work without much tinkering.
    Read the wiki entry and if you need help, or something went wrong, we will assist!
    There is also a installer aviable:

    sudo pacman - S nvidia-installer
    nvidia-installer - h
  • Thanks joekamprad.

    Read a through everything now, still a bit unsure which graphics option to use though. Nvidia Installer Testrun at least did not select bumblebee. But we’ll see, I think about it and maybe ask some questions here then.

  • to install bumblebee with nvidia-installer take the right option: -b, --bumblebee For Nvidia Optimus cards (Bumblebee + proprietary Nvidia
    sudo nvidia-installer -b

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