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    Recently moved from Ubuntu to Antergos, experiencing issues with audio playback from CD disk. It starts well and loads all the tracks but after exactly 14 seconds it stops playing. Tried to run it on vlc and Pragha – same behavior, suspect it is not an application issue. When disk loads for the 1st time spins loudly for a while and then stops. The track continues playing for 14 seconds, then stops, the disk starts to spin again and “loads” another 14 seconds of the track, then stops and the same thing happens. Also, between the tracks it takes it a lot of time to start spinning again to load it.
    I tried to increase cache for CD/DVD settings in VLC, that helped a little but it still starts and stops too often.
    It worked well on Ubuntu and the disk is known to be good. I suspect it is some kind of a caching issue but I could not find anything about it online.

    This is my hardware: MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8E1

    Do you have any ideas where to dig to fix this? Thanks

  • Have you tried another CD or DVD, just to rule out that it sn’t a hardware issue?

  • @Bryanpwo Yes, another CD has consistently same behavior, do not see any hardware issues here.

  • You can install gsmart just to make sure your optical drive didn’t die on you. It is an app that easily checks the health of your disks an diskdrives.

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