• Plex not showing up in Menu, normal?

    I installed Plex Media Server from the package manager but don’t see it anywhere when I click the Menu button. But, if I go into “Manage Services and Units”, I see it listed there and if I enable it and start it, it appears to work perfectly. Just weird that I don’t see it listed when I poke around the Menu. Normal?

    And, when I go into that ‘Manage Services and Units’, I type my password and it brings the authentication box right back but if I cancel it, the program loads in the background.

    And lastly, I always struggled with enabling services in Arch based distros and getting stuff to come back after a reboot. I don’t know if that program has always been there but it’s a godsend for newbies like me! I was able to get Plex, Sonarr and NZBGet to start at boot using that program! No editing of .conf files or manually copying things…just a simple GUI to do it all! Thanks!

  • Hi

    Plex Media Server is a web app. You can access it with


    From your pc where it is installed.

  • @pseudonym In every distro I’ve ever tried, when I installed Plex Media Server, I could see it when I click the ‘Menu’ button. Usually, it’s under the ‘Sound and Video’ section. Antergos is the first distro where I don’t see it listed. Yes, it still works and I can access it perfectly by going to the loopback address, I just found it weird that I didn’t see it anywhere inside.

    No biggie though. Was just curious if this is normal behavior. Example, if you install PMS and click on the ‘start’ button in Antergos… do you see Plex anywhere?

  • okay, you are right. I checked my NAS with ubuntu. There is Plex Media Server available in the menu but when i click it it just opens chrome with the loopback. I wasn’t aware of this :)

  • @pseudonym No problem. But yeah, Plex shows up in the Menu for Ubuntu, Mint and a few other distros I’ve tried but in Antergos, it installs and works fine, just doesn’t show up in the menu anywhere. Was just wondering if that’s normal behavior for Antergos (or Arch based distros).

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