• Antergos 17.12 Samba busted right out of the gate?

    Fresh install of Antergos 17.12 (Cinnamon desktop). The first thing I did was tried to share a folder so I right clicked on it, went to the sharing tab and noticed that I couldn’t check the ‘guest access’ (weird but whatever) but upon clicking ‘create share’, I got this error:

    Samba’s testparm returned error 1: Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf

    I noticed that there is no smb.conf file in that location so I thought I would be smart and copy the one from my Mint install and while that original error is gone, it was replaced by a new one. Something about usershares.

    I tried searching the forums and couldn’t find anything that helped or anything that matched my problem. I think I have a slightly older version of the Antergos ISO laying around. Will try that one and re-install.

    The end goal here is, I recently setup my Plex server on Mint 18.3 but I still have a few Windows boxes that need to copy files to/from Plex and my goodness, is Samba S_L_O_W at copying files. I noticed that file transfers ranged in speeds of 30-50MB/s. When this box was on Windows, it was 100+MB/s all the time. I’m just curious if a newer version of Samba (vs what ships with Mint) will solve my problem but first, I got to get Samba up and running to test. :)

  • Never mind. Newbie stupidity I think. I think the problem revolved around me trying to share a folder in my home directory.

    I created a folder under /mnt and changed my account to the owner then I was able to share it perfectly fine.

    I was able to grab a default smb.conf file from samba.org. (Normal for an Antergos install to not include one?)

    In any case, marking as solved.

    Oh, and the Samba speed issue is still puzzling to me:

    From Antergos to Windows 7 box 1, 80MB/s, solid

    From Mint to Antergos, 93+MB/s, solid

    From Mint to another Win 7 box 2, 112MBs then after a minute or two, drops to 30-50MB/s and bounces around

    From Mint to Windows 7 box 2, 110MB/s solid

    Eh, I’ll dig into that more at another time.

  • @RoadHazard
    According to my experience, the best speed between linux systems is via NFS shares instead of samba.
    And I believe latest Windows boxes (at least Windows 10 after some settings) should support NFS. Might be interesting for you to give NFS a try…

  • @manuel While that may be, to a newbie, setting up NFS looks REALLY complicated. With Samba, I right click on a folder and enable sharing. With NFS, it’s not that simple. I found an NFS GUI program and even that had many, many steps.

    Guess I can live with slow Samba speed. I bought a Synology to backup my server and it will be attached via USB 3 to my Plex box so that eliminates a big problems for me. Was wanting to do the backup over LAN to another box but oh wells.

  • @RoadHazard
    If you look at only the configuration files, NFS is in my mind much easier to set up than samba. For NFS server there is only one file, /etc/exports, that need be edited, and it is very simple. Only one simple line per share.

    Then, NFS client needs to specify a mount to that NFS share in one line in /etc/fstab to use it “permanently”.

    For more info, see

    man exports
    man fstab
    man nfs

    But samba is OK too, I have nothing against it. Just wanted to inform about the NFS option, in case you (or someone else) didn’t know it already.

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