• Installing LXDE with Gnome...

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to install LXDE alongside Gnome. First off, is it safe? Second, which package do I use? Any help is appreciated! ;)

  • It should be pretty safe, as far as I know. As to what packages touse I don’t know how much I can help you there other than to point you to Cnchi’s packages.xml file which lists all the packages it installs upon selecting a DE. This should provide you with an Antergorized system😀. Just scroll down the the section labelled "openbox"and install the listed packages below!

    Hope this helps, and good luck🙂.

  • @CadenMitchell You already have GNOME installed and running and want to add LXDE? I can find you the meta package that should pull in everything for LXDE. I haven’t tried that particular combo, but I have tested many dual DE setups and most of them work fine.

  • @Keegan I don’t really want OpenBox though. I was just wanting LXDE.

  • For some reason, there’s no LXDE-desktop package. Also, I’ve seen people installing LXDE on Arch but they just type sudo pacman -S lxde. That’s not a visible package to me.

  • Hi

    pacman -S lxde

    This will install everything you need to use it. You then can choose lxde from gdm log in screen.

  • I do see it in the official Arch repos. Checking Antergos…

  • It should be there. Just choose All

    alt text

  • And it seems to work fine.

    alt text

  • @pseudonym said in Installing LXDE with Gnome...:

    pacman -S lxde

    It’s not a package apparently:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -S lxde
    [sudo] password for caden:
    :: There are 17 members in group lxde:
    :: Repository community

    1. gpicview 2) lxappearance 3) lxappearance-obconf 4) lxde-common
    2. lxde-icon-theme 6) lxdm 7) lxhotkey 8) lxinput 9) lxlauncher
    3. lxmusic 11) lxpanel 12) lxrandr 13) lxsession 14) lxtask
    4. lxterminal 16) openbox 17) pcmanfm

    Enter a selection (default=all):

  • @Palanthis Oh. I just have to install all? Okay!

  • Yay! It worked!

  • Awesome!!! Glad to hear it! XD

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