I have a KVM server running CentOS 1708, and I’m trying to test Cnchi installation, specifically the ZFS – but I could not install using any file system in KVM.

@developers I can install in ESXi with EXT4 but not using ZFS, get the same import pool error as in KVM.

in ESXi = MBR
Cnchi version 0.14.404
Antergos 17.12 x86_64 full iso

zpool import /dev/disk/by-id

For ZFS, I get this error message trying to import the zpool using the /dev/disk/by-id number:

getting your disks ready for Antergos - 100%

I am trying stock EXT4 in KVM right now and it got to “getting your disks ready for Antergos - 100%” and then hung.

Edit: I got it to install on a later attempt, not doing anything differently.

Could it be because of the device name? Instead of /dev/sda /dev/sdb, etc. for disks, KVM uses /dev/vda /dev/vdb for its disk devices…

I think these are two separate issues - one is the import pool with ZFS, and the other is not being able to install at all in KVM. But maybe they are related?

Edit: I created an issue in GitHub: