• Touchpad Wayland/GDM choppy

    Hi all,

    I am running Antergos Gnome (v. 3.26.2) on a 2011 Mac Min (Intel graphics), to it I use bluetooth touchpad and keybaord. Since some update, a month or so back, the touchpad is really choppy and every now and then completely stops during Wayland session. When it stops I have to lift my finger and put it down again at a slightly different spot of the touchpad for the pointer to start moving again. Actually the touchpad is also acting the very same way during the login screen… In X everything is just fine :-/

    Maybe some Wayaland/GDM -issue? Would need some help figuring out what is wrong.


  • I’ve the same issue with my touchpad (synaptics on a MSI laptop) in wayland and GDM. I think that is a libinput (the library for keyboard, maouse and touchpad in wayland) issue. I think that GDM use wayland/libinput and for this we have the same responses in GDM than in a Wayland session.

    Sorry for my bad english…

  • Your English is fine. Nice to hear that I am not alone with this issue. I guess someone must have reported a bug about this and that it will be fixed during a future update.

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