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    The W10 upgrade wrecked my laptop, the day after the 30 day window where I could roll back to W8. I spent hours and hours over a week trying to sort W10. Numerous installs/re-installs and trying different drivers. I even took it to a local repiar shop, Micro Center, and they said the W10 install was fine. Nope, a BSOD at some point every time I turned on the laptop. I used DBAN to scrub the drive and installed Ubuntu Mate. This month marks my 2 year anniversary of DBANing Windows and switching to Linux.

    I have a Garmin watch for tracking runs/GPS that requires Windows or Mac for firmware updates, but these are rare. I occasionally plug in my 10yr+ Dell box with W7 to do updates. This was my first computer, originally bout with Vista installed, and keep it around for sentimental reasons. I’ve also installed a Hackintosh on a separate SSD in my Linux box, but I rarely use it.

  • @triode13 and all others:
    If you need to use Windows for whatever reason (such as device firmware updates when no linux program exists for it), one easy way is to download the newest Windows from Microsoft and put it into VirtualBox VM. Then you can update those firmwares or whatever you need to do. Costs nothing and it is a fully functional version (just as Windows can be).

  • lucky if you stay in germany, i can get a windows 10 licence for 5€! thanks to the “OEM without computer” rule we have ;)

  • Hi

    End of October, I ditched W10 on my Lenovo laptop and installed Antergos. I kept the GPT and the boot/efi partition and redrawed everything else using gparted live (secure boot disabled). After that I used the Antergos iso minimal install.

    I have a W7 virtual disk because I like to use Abby Fine Reader for OCR. It starts in 12 seconds…

    The only problem I may have now is related to solving the Intel ME bug. Lenovo patches that have been published so far (up to now only for Thinkpads) consists of a W10 .exe that obviously I cannot use now.

    I had kept a Clonezilla copy of my SSD and its five original partitions but of course I am reluctant to come back only for this. I think I will live without this patch because the laptop is vulnerable only with physical access.

  • Hi there and welcome to Antergos😀.

    I know Lenovo Thinkpads work fabulously are supposed to with Linux, so there may be a solution yet. Just give this forum a few hours or so and you may well discover a solution!

    Best of luck,

  • Like @joekamprad said for a lot of services OS isn’t important anymore, alsmost everything is in or goes through the cloud nowadays. I use Linux 100% as well professionally as personally without any problems and I tend to keep it that way.

  • @Bryanpwo Agree. My mom’s laptop just got the 1709 build of Windows 10… Yuch!!! It’s like they are trying to make it bad.

  • @joekamprad
    Do you know if this 5€ offer is available for anybody, not only who live in Germany?
    If so, next time I visit there I just might buy one! ;)

  • @manuel the OEM versions are only aviable in German language, and only as a key (no DVD media) you get the key via email, and use it on installation.
    You can see one of this offer here:
    oem win10

  • @Palanthis

    Yes I downloaded the Intel diag tool and I also checked on the Lenovo site. My laptop is vulnerable.

    [[email protected] SA00086_Linux]$ sudo python2 intel_sa00086.py
    [sudo] Mot de passe de roger : 
    INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool
    Copyright(C) 2017, Intel Corporation, All rights reserved
    Application Version:
    Scan date: 2017-11-23 04:19:47 GMT
    *** Host Computer Information ***
    Name: lenovo
    Manufacturer: LENOVO
    Model: 80WW
    Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
    OS Version:    (4.13.12-1-ARCH)
    *** Intel(R) ME Information ***
    Engine: Intel(R) Management Engine
    SVN: 1
    *** Risk Assessment ***
    Based on the analysis performed by this tool: This system is vulnerable.
    The detected version of the Intel(R) Management Engine firmware is considered vulnerable for INTEL-SA-00086.
    Contact your system manufacturer for support and remediation of this system.
    For more information refer to the SA-00086 Detection Tool Guide or the Intel security advisory Intel-SA-00086 at the following link:
    [[email protected] SA00086_Linux]$
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