• Completely Windows Free!

    Well, after a WIn10 install placed EFI code on the wrong stupid disk and broke my main PC, I am now completely Windows free (after a quick restore, lol)

    Main Rig - Antergos
    Mini-PC (bedroom) - Antergos
    Work Laptop - Arch
    Old Laptop - Antergos
    Test Rig (desk) - Arch
    Fiance’s Desktop - Antergos

  • Yay !!! That’s amazing @Palanthis😀. I’ve often heard about how difficult it is to completely get rid of Windows on a PC, so I am interested in how you managed to accomplish this. If you have the time and are willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • Happy to share.

    Firefox / Chromium

    I am able to do everything I need to. Happy to fill in any gaps.

  • I only need/use windows for 4 years , at work, to get my taxes sorted, but today? if you are not a Gamer there are services inside the clouds for everything.
    I would think that we will not have Desktop Systems in the future, we will have smart mirrors for news weather calendary and mail… Alexa will write our letters by dictation and send them … pictures are aviable over cloud service secured by facerecognoition e.t.c. so games will be back on console and professional work will be back on systems, but personal desktop computers ? no need for this ;)

  • I have a spare Win10 install on a HDD in my drawer. Necessary to update my car navigation, and to upgrade firmware in my e-cigarette. :D

  • @piotr start hacking e-cigarette 😏

  • @joekamprad Well, at least the Chinese software should be checked if it sends my personal data anywhere. ;)

  • @Palanthis
    But you are not completely Microsoft free - skype, wine and maybe virtualbox … ;)

  • @Palanthis said in Completely Windows Free!:

    I am able to do everything I need to. Happy to fill in any gaps.

    Thank you! I have gotten to that point awhile ago, but I have heard that Windows can be difficult to completely erase from one’s machine. I already have alternatives for everything, I just have never gotten around to physically wiping Windows. So how did you wipe Windows off you computer?


  • @Keegan
    Hmm… Why would it be hard to erase Windows partitions from a computer?
    If you boot from Antergos installer stick and run gparted (or any other partition manager), you can easily delete all Windows partitions and make the disk empty before installing Antergos.
    Is this what you refer to?

  • Yep! I have just run across several Ubuntu threads where people were somehow struggling with this, so I thought there must be more to it. But perhaps there isn’t. In that case, this may be easier than I had originally thought…


  • @Keegan
    With partition managers it should be very easy to make any disk as empty as a new disk. The easiest way is to create a new partition table since that “erases” the whole disk.

    But it is possible that people in those threads have had a different goal than making the disk empty, hard to tell…

  • Thank you. I might have to try that soon !!!

  • @Keegan I use gparted quite often, create a new partition table (in VirtualBox disk) in order to try a new installation on an empty disk… :)

  • Gparted. Delete all partitions. Device, New Partition Table. Windows gone! XD

    I use gparted all the time.

    Also, Virtualbox is only for testing Linux stuff and studying for my LPI certs. No Windows OSes. Wine is only for my eJuice calculator software. Skype… Good point. I shall replace it. lol.

  • Maybe is something related to EFI, AFAIK windows record something inside BIOS, that won’t be a problem to linux, but i’m unsure if is possible to erase windows there…

  • @fernandomaroto If secure boot is enabled in the BIOS, Windows does register a UEFI entry and associated key and these can be problematic. All of my PCs have secure boot disabled, so it doesn’t cause me any issues. That has been a hot topic, though. Microsoft basically strong arming OEMs into locking down BIOSes to Windows OSes to maintain OEM license certifications.

  • https://dban.org
    Will nuke away Windows

  • @joekamprad Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I will throw it on a USB stick and toss it in my tool kit. :)

  • Wow😀. Thank you so much @joekamprad for posting that! I think I’ll follow @Palanthis’ example and at least bookmark your post there so I can find it again.


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