• Unable to boot - error resume: hibernation device

    Hello, my laptop was running fine yesterday, and ran pacman -sYu
    Unfortunately today I am unable to boot the device, I get an error regarding hibernation.
    Another point to mention is that I am using an encrypted drive.

  • Hi there!

    It appears your UUIDs are off by a few digits. To recover the correct ones, it’s best to find out what the correct values are, using the command lsblk -f. If you could copy / paste the output (or take a screenshot of it if you have to) that would be great😀.


  • I have managed to mount the encrypted drive, and use arch-chroot to get into it.
    When I am there if I run lsblk -f I get https://imgur.com/a/MhMkr
    I have then ran blkid as that didnt give me an UUIDs, which returns https://imgur.com/a/zuEjd
    fstab https://imgur.com/a/5sWQK
    If I check AntergosBoot which /dev/sda1 The menu entries include linux /vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=66a5c25b-b346-45c3-8b02-fda3ef815986 rw cryptdevice=/dev/disk/by-uuid/655c25c6-3e1f-44d0-8d1d-9d0891e31eb3:cryptAntergos quiet resume=UUID=8151a712-0097-42c6-a5ba-dffd6912357a The resume UUID matches up with the UUID for swap when checking fstab

  • If all the UUIDs match up, then I don’t know what to tell you😞. But at least we’re closer to the solution now that you have managed to chroot into your system😀.

  • @Keegan It wasn’t easy but I fixed it.
    So I tried mkinitcpio -p linux and that failed, with a similar error to pacman about libtinfo. Isolated that down to ncurses which I had blocked in pacman due to an issue with my SBT. Allowed ncurses to update, and that let me run mkinitcpio -p linux and voila. However I have literally 0 idea how it broke in the first place.

  • Yay !!!

    At least it’s fixed now😀. I’m so glad you were able to figure it out!

  • So bit of an issue. It’s happened again, and I have no idea what the cause it.
    Also not sure how to to mark it as unsolved @Keegan

  • Sorry about that, jsut made it “unsolved” again.

    As for your issue, I regret to say that I am insanely busy atm, so I do not really have the adequate time to help right now. However, perhaps there is someone else who can?


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