• Virtualbox: vboxusers does not exist

    Guys, still struggling with virtualbox here.

    I did a new and clean install following @hector tutorial. However when I run (as root):

    # gpasswd -a $ase11 vboxusers

    I get:

    gpasswd: user 'vboxusers' does not exist
  • Solved. Created the group myself and added the user.

  • @ase11

    Correct, the commands bellow are needed since they simplify VMs usage. I must say i do it on both real and virtual machines.

    sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers
    sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxsf
  • yeah thank you. Still I have a huge problem with USB enabling, not able to fix it despite having read tons of solutions on the web.
    Also, this is just FYI, VM with Xubuntu and Mint are working much better than Antergos, I do not have that stupid blank screen of the other thread.

  • @ase11 said in Virtualbox: vboxusers does not exist:

    Still I have a huge problem with USB enabling

    The commands above in your real pc will fix it for you. (or should at least)

  • They do not. Well, shared folders works, USB…no way. And



    wheel scanner users vboxusers

    So I am in.

  • I think the problem is related to Antergos Host, because USB does not work with either Mint, Xubuntu and Antergos virtual machines.

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