• xfce power manager with openbox brightness lost

    Hello, I have a Thinkpad t420 running the most current version of Antergos. Everything works great with the exception of losing my Fn key brightness settings. I lost the ability to control brightness when I installed Xfce power manager. I do have the handle brightness keys tab selected. If I click the power manager applet.I can control the brightness via a slider. I would like to get my Fn key working again with LCD brightness. Thanks for any help.

  • @loonymike
    Have you tried installing package xorg-xbacklight? Try it if it works (see also man xbacklight):

    xbacklight -set 20

    or some other numbers for the brightness. Hopefully it works.

    If that works, you can assign shortcut keys (Fn keys) that run appropriate commands via
    Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.

    EDIT: here are some suggestions that have worked for some: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=139610
    And another about tweaking keys:

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