• Second Desktop Environment not seeing internet connection

    So I do not really know where to go for this as I am really new to Arch and coming from Ubuntu, and my internet forum scavenging has come up with nothing. I use KDE as my main DE, but I setup XFCE recently as a separate environment for when I want something a little different. On KDE my network connections work perfectly. However, XFCE doesn’t appear to connect to the networks as the browser isn’t connecting to the internet and I can;t do updates via terminal. I pulled XFCE from the Arch repos on my KDE installation. All I did was install the XFCE4 group, but did I miss a step to make sure that XFCE could connect to the internet?

    I was under the impression that network connections weren’t specific to the DE, but rather the OS prior to this. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • may you are missing xfce4-goodies group to be installed?

  • can you connect/disconnect like here? http://prntscr.com/hin4rh

  • @joekamprad, I have downloaded xfce4-goodies group, but still can’t get it to connect to the internet after playing with it some more.

  • @fernandomaroto, the button in that screen pic doesn’t exist for me…

  • @smason said in Second Desktop Environment not seeing internet connection:

    @fernandomaroto, the button in that screen pic doesn’t exist for me…

    try to run in terminal nm-applet & and see if it appears for you at the panel

  • @fernandomaroto, I ran nm-applet & in the terminal, but it did not appear on my panel.

  • @fernandomaroto, also it told me that nm-applet was not a command.

  • sudo pacman -S network-manager-applet

    it will autostart as it include:

  • @joekamprad, thank you for that command. It worked perfectly, and now I can get XFCE to see the various WIFI connections.

    Thanks everyone for the help!

  • proud to be helpfull for you :)

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