• Deepin typos

    if you install Deepin DE in a virtual machine In the first screen after installation Deepin asks you which Mode you want to use
    "Effect Mode: You can smoothly and gorgeously experience. Common Mode: You can extremely rapid experience"
    I think it meant to use the word gain or get instead of can

  • @dreamtraveler
    I think this config/text come directly from deepin developers, but i guess @Keegan is the one to confirm that to us…

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  • Yep! That one’s straight from the Deepin devs, so there’s not much I can do there. However, if you would like to notify them of this error, you could mention it on their Forums…

    And thank you for saying something. Any suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism are, of course, welcome. For in the end they will be the things that bring in more major improvements and progress than anything else. So thank you.

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