• not getting internet connection by usb tethering android

    I just recently installed antergos successfully on my laptop and shifted from ubuntu. I am encountering probl.m in getting internet connection from my android through usb tethering kindly help

  • If you’ve a smart phone, USB tether it and use it for your internet connection. It will appear as a wired network on Arch, all you will need to do is to run dhcpcd.
    The phone will share whatever wireless connection it is using; either WiFi or cellular data. If you are using cellular data, watch your data limits. After you get as far as installing your wireless drivers and user space tools, you can switch to the internal WiFi.

    Source: ewaller

  • do you enable usb-tethering onto the phone?
    0_1512330725359_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-12-03 20-50-27.png

  • dhcpcd worked great, I am writing this after connecting my android with antergos and sharing internet connection over data cable. thanks

  • oh yes i use dhcpcd.service here so it works automatic:
    0_1512380965840_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-12-04 10-48-50.png

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