• Recycle bin problem


    I having a problem with my recycle bin…when I try to restore archives says “the files can not be modified”, and not restore anything.
    How I can fix it?

    Thank you!

    The problem is only with folders on recycle bin, when I restore a file works ok

  • What DE are you using? (KDE, GNOME, Xfce…)

  • I’m using Xfce.

  • Hhmmm… 🤔 I know that in Dolphin (KDE) there is a bug with the recycle bin, but in Xfce I do not know anything. I’ve never used that DE and I don’t know how it works, sorry. Let’s see if another teammate can help you (I don’t know if “teammate” is the correct word, but, you know… Google Translator… 😆 )

  • @Jordi_S.
    I tried this in Xfce, deleted a folder, it went to Recycle bin, I was able to restore it as expected.
    Could you give us anything extra info about the folder or its files? Maybe this is a simple permissions problem in the restore target folder or somewhere else?

  • yes may the place where to restore the files to, is not owned by your user…

  • @Jordi_S.
    Could you open Thunar and go to the folder where you want to restore to?
    Then open a terminal in that folder (mouse right click…) and give a command in terminal:

    ls -ld .
  • Well, to test I created a foler named “test” on Desktop and I deleted it to recycle bin. Then, when I try to restore it to Desktop the message appears. I can see on “trash://” the deleted folder “Test” with a padlock at the side of the foder’s icon…I don’t know if this is an useful info…
    The ls -ld to the Desktop say this:

    drwxr-xr-x 3 jordi users 4096 dic  3 17:48 .

    Thank you for the help!!

    Here is a capture:

    (i don’t know how to put the image in the forum)

    And I don’t understand the message…

  • @Jordi_S.

    I tested it a bit, if you have no writing permissions to some file in the folder, then Thunar gives that kind of warning. I added one file to the “test” folder, and the file had no write permissions.
    I just answered “yes” and it restored the folder.
    If that doesn’t work for you, then you may have something special in your folders.

  • Oh! It’s true!! If I click on yes or yes to all the folder is restored completely. Is my fault…because I don’t understanded the message and I clicked on cancel…

    Thaks a lot!!!

  • @Jordi_S.
    Great to hear it is working now! :)

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