• Importing a public key (gpg)


    In order to build successfully an AUR package I need to import a public key. It is this one (this text has been given by the maintainer):

     $ gpg --list-keys AFF2A1415F6A3A38
    pub rsa4096 2016-01-22 [SC]
    uid [ unknown] ExpressVPN Release <[email protected]>
    sub rsa4096 2016-01-22 [E]

    The package gpgme is installed on my computer. The archwiki tells me to use:

    $ gpg --import public.key

    I fail to import this above key. Could someone tell me which command to use?
    Also do you think I may be missing some packages?

  • gpg --recv-key AFF2A1415F6A3A38

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  • Thank you very much for express help! It’s OK.

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