• "USB Rubber Ducky" only writing lowercase

    I recently bought a Digispark attiny85 “usb rubber ducky keyboard”. So I went to Arduino and programmed it to write “Antergos” when it is plugged in.
    On my Asus e200ha Laptop everything works fine but on my Toshiba Satellite c850-1LQ it gets printed as lowercase -> “antergos”. I investigated further and found out that the shift key does not work. When I try to print “[email protected]#” “123” is gonna be displayed on screen. Both laptos run the latest version of Antergos and XFCE. When I go in TTY mode (CTRL+ALT+F3) it works on both devices perfectly fine. . Any help is appreciated.

  • @chococookiemedia Sounds like keyboard map is slightly wrong. Maybe xmodmap (hope I remembered it right, I don’t have Antergos here now …) helps:
    man xmodmap
    See also https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xmodmap

  • Thanks for the suggestion,
    I looked into xmodmap but everything looks fine so far.
    Since it works in TTY I thought it might be a problem with X11 or XFCE4 so I reinstalled Antergos completly with xfce, mate and gnome3. None of them works so it seems like it is not desktop dependet. I used “xev” to display the keyboard inputs and XLookupString even returns uppercase.

    XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (41) "A"

    Also does it work when I am booting from the USB Stick and click Try Antergos. Anyone any ideas?

  • @chococookiemedia
    OK. Sorry but I have no ideas for now, but as you said it works on TTY then it sounds like some kind of X setting related problem. I’ll try to dig something more.

    EDIT: maybe an X configuration file could help?

    EDIT2: found this article:
    and from it there’s a link to

    Maybe evtest package could help you find the key codes the rubber kb is sending?

    If these don’t help, then sorry, I’m out of ideas…

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