• What shell theme does the new Ubuntu use?

    Hi everyone! I love the way that the latest version of Ubuntu looks. I don’t want to convert to Ubuntu to get it though. What exactly is the shell theme called and can I get it on Antergos?

  • @CadenMitchell
    Don’t know but if I wanted to know, I’d check from Ubuntu pages, or maybe install Ubuntu in VirtualBox to find out.

  • I don’t want to be harsh, but i guess you should ask at Ubuntu forums, or install Ubuntu in a VM and check what you want to know, unless someone here use both Antergos and Ubuntu to give you that info.

  • @fernandomaroto Okay! I’ll try that. I was trying to figure it out before I posted this but I guess I’ll try again!

  • it is a custom theme that they didnt release as installable in other distros. They might make one if people ask for it though.

  • if you look on some theme sites they will sometimes have pretty close copies of the ubuntu theme. i havent seen what the new ubuntu looks like got a screenshot?

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