• Freeze on boot since Bumblebee install

    Hello everyone !
    I just installed Antergos on my Dell xps 15 laptop runniing a GTX 1050 and Intel graphic 630. I come from Ubuntu but I’m still a new Linux user.
    So, my laptop is running an Optimus Graphics configuration. In order to get through installation process I had to add a parameter to Grub : modprobe.blacklist=nouveau so I assumed nouveau driver prevent my laptop from running properly.
    But after the installation finished, I rebooted my laptop and checked for video drivers. Two were installed (can’t remember the names) but not ‘xf86-nouveau-driver’. Eventually, I deleted the installed drivers and install ‘xf86-intel-driver’. I tried to reboot my laptop and evreything worked just fine.
    Though, in order to use my Optimus configuration I wanted to install Bumblebee following this tutorial tutorial : https://antergos [dot] com/wiki/hardware/bumblebee-for-nvidia-optimus . Unfortunatlly, at the first “Reboot the system” step, I can’t boot my system again. It stuck on a black screen with a couple of lines and cursor frozen. Can’t access to tty seesion.
    I someone could help me. I really want to run my laptop with Antergos, looks really awesome.
    Thanks !

    I had to put [dot] not to be reconized as spam…

  • @abi_lal
    I suppose you can boot you system with the USB installer stick.
    If you do so, then you can start a terminal and give commands

    su      # be root
    blkid   # find your Antergos root partition, need on the next line
    mount /dev/sdXY /mnt  # change X and Y to refer your Antergos root partition
    arch-chroot /mnt

    Now you are in your Antergos installation and you can install or uninstall any package to make your system able to boot.
    When done, just do

    umount /mnt
  • @manuel
    Ok, thank you ! I’ll do this when I come back home. I’ll keep you in touch.

  • @abi_lal said in Freeze on boot since Bumblebee install:

    …Though, in order to use my Optimus configuration I wanted to install Bumblebee following this tutorial tutorial : https://antergos [dot]…

    The article doesn’t apply to nVidia GTX 10nn and higher. I idon’t have such cards, so can’t test and adjust the article for them.

    Do not use the guide for GTX 1050.

  • @just Ok then, thanks, but is Bumblebee still the best solution to Optimus issus ?

  • @abi_lal
    Either bumblebee:
    or prime:

    You probably need to check these, which one works or is better for your system.

    The problem with all wikis and tutorials is being not always up-to-date, so some more searching will probably be needed. A good information sources are Arch linux pages in addition to Antergos pages.

  • @manuel Thanks, I’ll work on it !

  • @manuel Ok, so the problem was definitly Bumble bee, I removed it with a USD live session and now my system boot normally. Now I have to deal with Optimus but it’s another issue. I thank you both for your time ! See you

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