• Hello Antergos community

    So, i’ll just write down some frustrations i encountered so far before i found your Linux distribution.
    I came across Antergos few years ago after trying out a bunch of Linux and Unix distributions
    one of witch was Manjaro Linux, based on Arch repos, they used mirrored, frozen / ‘tested’ arch repos back then
    after a few months i noticed a significant drop in performance, then my file system partially ate itself, after fixing that (kernel issue), my grub stopped working after i -Syued, then they kicked out my MAC from the kernel, after that i just dropped it alongside with their kernel tools which in my opinion do more harm than good if you’re using a custom kernel or even try to use one from AUR.
    They also didn’t kept their own public kernel’s source code in sync with their kernel builds which was very odd when i couldn’t even compile their own kernel because of missing source files and a few kernel patches.
    but the good side of the story is, i realized Arch is the way to go.
    The customizable package manager with hooks so much needed when you got ton of custom stuff that require special care, the up to date software, and the official Arch packages which manjaro failed (and later refused) to deliver.
    Looking out for alternatives i found antergos and found myself very comfortable with it.

  • Hey there and welcome to the Antergos community😀.

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with Manjaro Linux, but at least you found something that works for you! Your findings with Manjaro seem to be echoed by many others too… It works well at first, but after a few months it just begins to fall apart. If you ever need any help with your Antergos system in the future, just ask! It’s what we’re here for…

  • Welcome! Sorry to hear about your headaches, but glad you found Antergos. I prefer it to Manjaro, even prefer it to pure Arch. Plus, we have the best community around. XD

  • Welcome to Antergos! I’m pretty new with this distro, but I am happy so far. I wanted to try a real rolling release when I was interested in the Arch world, so I never thought of installing Manjaro Linux. Although it has been after a headache, you’re now using a distro that rocks. I hope that both continue using it for many years! See you!

  • In my experience this bloated distros are good for users with casual tasks, like daily browsing, email, letters, music and video.
    But if you are tinkering and tuning on your own or developping something, doing editing (video, music), you will be more happy with something minimalistic and straight to the sources.

    Welcome here! @QtAndNice

  • @Palanthis said in Hello Antergos community:

    Plus, we have the best community around.

    Plus one there😄.

  • Welcome I’m new to this distro also. but so far it’s working great for me :)

  • The thing to bear in mind with Arch distros (Antergos, Revenge and pure Arch in particular) is that part of their power and appeal is also part of what can make them a bit tricky. You set it up exactly how you want it. The advantage there is that you know and understand everything that is going on with your system. After a while, you naturally start becoming more and more proficient with Linux. XD

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