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    Just coming from Arch (was a long-time Manjaro user over a year ago and was exploring Arch installs on ZFS root).

    Saw in a forum that you have ZFS integrated in the installer so I thought I’d try it out. Looks great!

    Kinda nice to have an installer program after trying install after install of Arch on ZFS and getting nowhere. Many hours of my life I will never get back (grumble). Quite the public service you’ve done!

    Just wanted to mention two things I noticed:

    One) I’m still in the live CD installing right now and I see it’s been hanging on package 883/883 - I’m wondering if installing modemmanager package should really take this long, or did it hang? The rest of it seemed to go okay… nevermind, it just finished!

    Two) The ‘natural scroll’ doesn’t work in Gnome on my synaptics touchpad, I’ve noticed this on other Gnome platforms, too, and was just wondering why (?) Does anybody know what I can do to fix it? Regular scroll direction is very annoying to me after using natural scroll for so long …

    Three) I joined the website, but it wouldn’t let me log in using my username - only the full email address. Unfortunately I had already sent myself a ‘reset password’ link but it let me log in using my old password anyway as long as I used my full email address. Then when I logged in, there’s an error at the top of the screen saying my email couldn’t be verified (even though I clicked on the link to confirm my email address that I got in my email).

    Oh well, at least I’m here. Great job on the distro, I love it.


    Antergos x86_64 ZFS root w/Cinnamon est Nov 25, 2017 – because after a long week of struggling, I got tired of trying to put Arch on ZFS root…

    "Linux … is more a phenomenon than an OS" - Joekamprad

  • @AveryFreeman said in New user experiencing issues with natural scroll and website:

    error at the top of the screen saying my email couldn’t be verified

    write from this email and your username to [email protected] and developers will help on that issue!

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    how to add system logs
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