• Files/Nautilus Ctrl + Click behaviour

    When using gnome files/nautilus I want to be able to select multiple non-consecutive files by holding control and clicking on the files I want to select. Unfortunately it seems that control + clicking on a file is mapped to duplicating that file, and I can’t find out how to change the keyboard shortcuts of gnome files/nautilus. Does anyone know how to do this? (At the very least I would like to stop it duplicating files every time I forget and try to select multiple files with control + clicking)

  • For me CTRL + clicking works fine, but perhaps that is because I am using a touchpad?

    I wish you the best of luck in solving this problem, and welcome to Antergos😀.

  • I don’t use GNOME (for many reasons), but let me spin up a VM and see what I can see.

  • @Palanthis Thanks, but I just found the solution. Playing around a little more shows that what I’ve been doing is control + clicking and then dragging slightly (my touchpad is a bit more sensitive than I would like), this seems to trigger the duplication. Being really careful and not dragging at all seems to work fine. So now I just need to sort out the sensitivity issues. Thanks again.

  • @LoganRah Awesome! Glad you got it figured out!! To echo Keegan, “Welcome to the Antergos community!”

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