• Cron Job not running

    Hi guys,

    I have set some cron jobs in crontab, however lately they do not run. I am using cronie.
    I tried to check the cronie log but I cannot find it under /var/log where it should be (also according to Arch Wiki and other sources).
    The other weird thing is that systemctl says that cron is active and running and

    ps aux | grep crond


    root       531  0.0  0.0  19524  1444 ?        Ss   Nov23   0:00 /usr/bin/crond -n
    ase11   21609  0.0  0.0  10888  2100 pts/2    S+   09:01   0:00 grep crond

    Thanks for your help.

  • @ase11

    did you use

    sudo crontab -e

    or just

    crontab -e


  • @ase11
    Have those cron jobs ever worked in your current system, or just lately failed? It was somewhat unclear for me.

  • I have used

    crontab -e

    so without sudo.

    From what I could see only lately these failed.

  • Just try using

    sudo crontab -e

    I’m new on linux but I had similar problem, when I was setting job using crontab without sudo it didn’t work but with sudo everything works fine.

  • Yeah after your first post I thought the same and now I am running crontab with sudo.
    Later I let you know if that worked.

  • I can confirm sudo made the trick and now it’s working. Thanks.

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