• Screen becomes flickered after awaken from turned-off screen

    I just installed Antergos with Cinnamon desktop on my laptop Thinkpad T450s (integrated intel gpu only). I used the default screensaver setting. I also set user’s password and enable screen lock when screen saver turns on.

    After the screen get turned off due to inactivity, for some minutes (I don’t remember how long), I pressed any key to turn on the screen again, then I saw the screen gets flickered. Here are the recorded videos to show how the flickering looks like:

    Sometimes I can fix the condition by pressing Start + D shortcut (show desktop) multiple times, but sometimes it doesn’t work, so I have to restart the machine.

    Before, I have used linux mint + cinnamon and fedora + cinnamon, never see this issue.

    Any clue what caused this and how to prevent or solve this issue?

  • Can you check in pamac (add/remove software) and make sure you have xf86-video-intel installed?

  • It’s not installed yet. Would install it solve the problem?

  • @gregorius It might. If you have a newer (last 4 years) Intel CPU with integrated graphics, it needs to be there either way, so that the system knows what capabilities your GPU actually has. Otherwise, it uses a generic VESA driver.

  • I did like you have suggested, it seems the issue hasn’t appeared anymore and thinking it’s been solved , but today the issue returns again.

    What I did just lock the screen (ctrl + shift + L), then left the laptop for some time, when I returned to the laptop and awake it, the screen were flickering fast. This time it also flickers with orange color covering the whole screen (it’s just like an orange solid color wallpaper).

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