• Screen becomes flickered after awaken from turned-off screen

    I just installed Antergos with Cinnamon desktop on my laptop Thinkpad T450s (integrated intel gpu only). I used the default screensaver setting. I also set user’s password and enable screen lock when screen saver turns on.

    After the screen get turned off due to inactivity, for some minutes (I don’t remember how long), I pressed any key to turn on the screen again, then I saw the screen gets flickered. Here are the recorded videos to show how the flickering looks like:

    Sometimes I can fix the condition by pressing Start + D shortcut (show desktop) multiple times, but sometimes it doesn’t work, so I have to restart the machine.

    Before, I have used linux mint + cinnamon and fedora + cinnamon, never see this issue.

    Any clue what caused this and how to prevent or solve this issue?

  • Can you check in pamac (add/remove software) and make sure you have xf86-video-intel installed?

  • It’s not installed yet. Would install it solve the problem?

  • @gregorius It might. If you have a newer (last 4 years) Intel CPU with integrated graphics, it needs to be there either way, so that the system knows what capabilities your GPU actually has. Otherwise, it uses a generic VESA driver.

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