• pacman signalled conflict between rfkill and util-linux


    Recently, I solved a wifi problem using rfkill which allows you among other things to check if your connection is soft or hard blocked and to soft unblock it (a little alike triggering Airplane mode).

    However, when I tried to reinstall it, pacman informed me that this package is in conflict with util-linux.

    [[email protected] ~]$ su
    Mot de passe : 
    [[email protected] roger]# pacman -S rfkill
    résolution des dépendances...
    recherche des conflits entre paquets...
    :: rfkill et util-linux sont en conflit. Supprimer util-linux ? [o/N] N
    erreur : un conflit de paquets impossible à résoudre a été détecté
    erreur : la préparation de la transaction a échoué (conflit de dépendances)
    :: rfkill et util-linux sont en conflit
    [[email protected] roger]# 

    I think that this dependency problem should be reported upstream because both software are core packages and are very useful.

  • @roger64 But it didn’t complain about the confilct the first time you installed rfkill? Only on the reinstall?

  • It’s the first time I see this message, yes only at reinstall.

  • @roger64 said in pacman signalled conflict between rfkill and util-linux:


    rfkill is now distributed as part of the util-linux package. You should uninstall the rfkill package and reinstall util-linux just to be safe.


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