• Cinnamon Settings broken on new update

    Trying to run cinnamon-settings from my terminal results in the current output.

    0_1511196082706_Screenshot from 2017-11-20 10-37-56.png

    I don’t think it should be too hard of a fix, but I know this is an error for all 5 of my machines that run Antergos. Just wanted to let someone know.

    Hope to see the error remedied soon.
    Thanks. 👍🏻

  • @Devin-Neal said in Cinnamon Settings broken on new update:


    do you have this config file?

    ls ~/.pythonrc.py
  • @joekamprad I don’t believe I do. Says no file or directory. I’m assuming this is either a new component that is necessary or something that might have gotten deleted on the latest Cinnamon settings update. (I noticed a few the other day).

  • Nevermind. A new update has been released that has fixed the issue. Seems that file is not the issue either, @joekamprad. Thank you though, I appreciate it. 👍🏻

  • antergos/cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.6.1-1 (cinnamon) it is Antergos package so may report a bug here:


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