• sudo command giving error

    Hi I changed my password using the terminal command “passwd” which went ok. When I try to give the sudo command for updating the system I get the following error message
    " [email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -Syu
    sudo: /etc/sudoers.d is owned by uid 1000, should be 0
    [sudo] password for philip:
    philip is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."

    I was reading that you have to change the owner back to root by using the “pkexec visudo” command, also there is a way to use chmod but I haven’t tried. Has anyone come across this problem? There is a workaround but it s annoying. Anyone know the way to fix this? Many thanks Philip

  • @philipmirabelli So you did a “passwd philip” and then this started happening? Are you still able to su to root?

  • Ok, I did a simple “passwd” change when it asks you for current password and the new password which worked fine, then attempting to update I got the error message. I have since fixed the issue with the useful advice from stackexchange see pasted below


    you need to use the chown command…

  • @philipmirabelli Awesome! That’s where I was going. lol. su to root and chown the directory. Glad you got it fixed. :)

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