The laptop I use has a broken screen, but I have an external monitor connected to it so I can still use it. This requires me to use the Fn+F5 twice to switch outputs so the output is natively displayed on said external monitor. This setup had been working for me until a update ~4 weeks back. I just have not been able to get to handling it yet.Now, the computer gets to what I assume is the login screen. But, the computer does not switch outputs.

I tried typing my password and pressing enter to login thinking that would at least let the full desktop load and then I could try switching then. That did not work. I tried using the 17.11 Live ISO to chroot in and update the system. That did not work. I tried using the graphics driver fix from my previous issue. That did not work. I tried using the Linux LTS kernel from the menu on startup. That did not work.

I thought it might be a hardware issue, however, I am able to use Fn+F5 to switch outputs while I have booted from the Live USB. I can only think to try some way to put exactly the Live USB on the hard drive, but I am not sure how. Is there another way or idea?