• Problem with latest iso 17.11 failed to mount /dev/loop0


    ive been trying to install antergos on another machine, but iso 17.11 doesnt seem to be working. first, it does not move past the splash screen, and when i hit escape it takes me a terminal where i get error: failed to mount /dev/loop0 error.
    can anyone help me fix this, or provide a link to an older iso that works.

    ps: legacy support enabled, and secure boot disabled.

  • @KabirGandhiok said in Problem with latest iso 17.11 failed to mount /dev/loop0:

    failed to mount /dev/loop0 error.

    nvidia graphics?

  • @joekamprad yes I’m running Nvidia Quadro k420

  • @joekamprad what do you suggest I should do, thanks

  • @KabirGandhiok the current kernel or/and nvidia driver seem to make some troubles…

    You can try to remove splash from bootparameters by pressing e on EFI systems use arrow buuton to go to the end of the line and remove the word splash from the line …

    On Bios system simple use arrow to find the word and remove it …

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