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    Hi everyone,

    I usually use a usb modem. In systemd, after enabling and starting the Network Manager service, and after closing systemd manager and reopening it, the service is not started. The “connman” and “NetworkManager” services are also enabled and running. After reboot the situation unchanged. The Network Management applet does not appear in the task bar.

    So far everything has been OK, but after some time, after waking up from hibernation or sleep or hybrid-mode, problems with network connectivity have begun. I can not connect to the internet at all. In addition, it happened that cinnamon has crashed earlier. Can any of the services conflict?

  • @Simon said in Unable to start NetworkManager:

    connman” and “NetworkManager”

    Before enabling connman.service, ensure any existing network configuration is disabled.

  • @joekamprad

    Thank you for your answer.
    So, I switched off “connman” and switched on the “network manager” service. In the applet I only have Wi-Fi connections. The problem is that I can not connect to the Internet via a USB modem. First I typed
    then I applied the advice (from archlinux forum):

    but without the expected effect. “NetworkManager” services can not start anymore. I do not know why mobile broadband has disappeared first, including the applet. Can I restore systemd to default settings? Please reply.

    1_1511098467871_Systemd Units 2.png 0_1511098467871_Systemd Units 1.png

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