• HBO (Nordic in my case) won't run on any linux system?

    Is there any knowledge regarding HBO and html5 (instead of flash)?

  • @ulanddanne said in HBO (Nordic in my case) won't run on any linux system?:


    widevine ? https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/6bpqgc/hbogo_on_linux/
    We get vivaldi with enabled widevine in Antergos REPO

    But in the end i do not understand what is our question about, as you do not say what is NOT working and what you WANT to do…

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  • I want to be able to play HBO on my Antergos system. I´m corius if anyone know anything regarding a possible html5 switch for HBO because that would solve the problem permanent, as of now there seems to only be temporary (at best) solutions.

  • I’m afraid you’ll have to ask this question to HBO, the problem is coming from them.
    It all has to do with investments they’ve made made in the recent past in silverlight and flash. Now they have to reinvest again in html5, that means buying the rights again for their programs and films for that platform. It isn’t just a technical switch that they have to make.

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  • any possible way to use Wine for the plugins?

  • Just try use Google Chrome not Chromium and HBO should work perfectly.

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