• Missing dependencies for Kdevelop 5.2.0

    Just installed kdevelop 5.2.0-1. It didn’t start until I installed also:


    Could @developers add these as dependencies, or is there a better way? I’m using Xfce.

  • @manuel KDevelop (kdevelop) 5.2.0-1 is from Archrepo > extra so not in power of our hardworking @'developers

    But may your problem is related to not using KDE itself? as threadweaver and kcmutils is not directly in deps or optional deps of kde?

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  • @joekamprad
    I don’t know if KDE has something else by default that enables usage of kdevelop, will test it as soon as possible.
    Just found out that Xfce does not, and installing those packages makes kdevelop work.

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