• Consequences of the latest updates

    Recently I have lost the dialogue opening from lower left corner. Then Audacity was updated to a worse version, which is not as easily understandable as the previous one. Still, the same problems exist. Functions have moved and the view is somehow disturbing. Clementine requires that I click on its icon twice.

    Additionally, I cannot know if there are updates available, because I cannot see any information anywhere.

  • Gnome? or was it something else you are using?

  • Yes, Gnome, but KDE might be installed.

  • What you discribe sounds like legacy tray, but this is gone with gnome 3.26. But this update was longer ago…

  • Topbar

    If you are missing your update icon after gnome 3.26 you can install the extension TopIcons Plus by phocean from gnome extensions.


    ProTip: Installing chrome-gnome-shell from Add/Remove Software will allow Chromium to show easy to use sliders integrated into GNOME Shell Extensions webpage.

  • @joekamprad For me it felt like the other day that it happened :) I haven’t needed to use the computer too much lately. For some time I opened the PC only once or twice a week just to check if there were any updates. When the annotation comes, updates can be easily done.

    Maybe a week ago I noticed that if I need to spend more time at the PC, but started it first and logged in, but continued later, I had no idea that there were any updates. There wasn’t any icon (or tray) whatsoever.

    I will check the utility @underclock has suggested.

  • @vpp21 yes topicons-plus will bring this icons to your top panel ;)

  • Brilliant, thanks guys!

  • so it is solved like this?

  • Well, in the morning I tried to install it, but I couldn’t see any change.

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