• Anyone encounter this one: "Cnchi can't continue error: 144789"?

    Hi All,
    I’m trying to install Antergos 17., full ver. Cinnamon on a new Lenovo Carbon X Gen 5 laptop. I’m using an ISO burned onto a USB drive. I’ve tried twice, and each time it cycles through the install proceeding smoothly for about ten minutes but then keeps hitting this obstacle:

    "Antergos Installer - Error “Can’t install the necessary packages. Cnchi can’t continue.” Please reference the following number when reporting this error: 144789

    -and halting the install. Has anyone encountered this or able to give me some tip or troubleshooting steps please? I’m new to this distro so any input at all will be appreciated -TIA!

  • @stm It can happen when connection gets interrupted or mirrors are not reachable. I had to try a few times using wireless that would cut out.

  • @stm
    Is it possible to get the install log in /tmp/cnchi.log?

  • @manuel said:

    Is it possible to get the install log in /tmp/cnchi.log?

    It can be with hastebin!!!

  • @stm you can try playing with removing bad mirrors from the cnchi process, depending on from wich country you are loading, it can be that some of them are not working good…or are banned e.t.c. disabeling ipv6 can also help getting a better connection, if you do not using it at all…

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