• Removing an item from Whisker Menu

    I was a fairly recent convert to Linux and a very recent convert to Antergos. Absolutely loving it. Running into a problem of my own making for which I can’t seem to find an answer when searching the forums or google.

    I installed epiphany just to mess around with it and see if I liked it. It wasn’t for me. However, while messing around with it I had it create web applications for Facebook and Twitter. After uninstalling epiphany the web apps are still listed in the internet section of my whisker menu. I can not figure out how to remove them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @mmain70 As these things seem to go after spending hours trying to find an answer I finally ran across the answer. I opened file manager, ctrl+h, navigated to .local/share/applications and there were the shortcuts. Deleted them there and they are now no longer in the menu.

  • Yay !!! Glad to hear it worked for you, and sorry I didn’t see your thread sooner.

    But with that aside, welcome to Antergos😀.

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