• How do I switch from Gnome to Mate?

    I want to switch DE’s from Gnome to Mate. I have found the Gnome 3.26 stack a little unstable on my Ryzen 1800x/Radeon 580x system. I would like to do this without resorting to “nuke and repave”. Is there a way to cleanly install Mate and completely remove Gnome?

  • Install Mate with 'Sudo pacman -S mate mate-extras, once install then log out, click on the little gear icon thing on the Lock Screen/Display Manager and Select Mate, once loaded it remove Gnome and Gnome-Extras ‘sudo pacman -R gnome gnome-extra’

    Also make sure to reinstall GDM since it’s Gnomes lock Screen/Display Manager and will be removed with Gnome etc, or alternative install another Display Manager like kdm, lightdm, lxdm and start and enable the service and disable GDM one…

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