• Installation and setup of Duplicati

    I have problems getting the backup program Duplicati to run correctly.

    1. set up system wide
    sudo systemctl enable duplicati
    sudo systemctl start duplicati

    Works fine, but my USB backup drive does not find

    1. set up for the user
    systemctl --user enable duplicate
    systemctl --user start duplicati

    Find the USB backup drive, but the daemon does not start after logging in.

    Question: Does anyone have Duplicati running successfully, and can I get a tip on what I missed?

  • @Dino said:

    …but my USB backup drive does not find

    I do not know Duplicati but you can try lsusb with USB connected to see if it is detected …

  • @Dino said in Installation and setup of Duplicati:

    Works fine, but my USB backup drive does not find

    mostly usb drives are exclusively mounted by the current user, so not fully aviable for other users/services maybe.

    And i do not think that it is a good idea to have service enabled and running systemwide and userwise, you will need to choose one way and disable stopping the other (the systemwide one)

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