• Could the forum be improved?

    Hi everyone! I love the Antergos Forum a lot and I think that it’s a really great place to go for information. I do have one problem with it though. The problem is actually posting topics and comments. I have never understood why the Manjaro, Arch, and Atergos forums always have the main editing text section and then a separate section that shows you the preview. Why not just have the editor show the preview and have just one text area. I think that it would be much easier for noobies who don’t understand all the formatting options.

  • @CadenMitchell i havent been over to manjaro or arch forums for a while but a lot of it is just the forum features. some of these things you cant change they are just default. you dont need to format anything though just type and hit submit.

  • To my taste the main criteria to assess a website in general, and a mobile site specifically, is the amount of content well visible at a time. Currently the Antergos forum, compared to the others, does not look very well.





    FluxBB (and other pbpBB clones, I suppose):


    IMHO migrating the current forum content to another engine is not worth of effort. If website maintainers have some spare time, they should rather pay attention to the https://antergos.com site, which provides hardly any info (e.g. try and find which DEs Antergos iso includes!?).

    I know nothing about NodeBB, but is seems many templates are available. Maybe this would be the solution?

  • @megaman said in Could the forum be improved?:

    you dont need to format anything though just type and hit submit.

    Yes, this does work in a lot of cases. But if a noob is trying to add a link they may not understand how to do it. I mean, sure there’s a button for it but they might see this weird command ([link text](link url)) and not understand it. I guess that If this is truly not an option because of the website template restrictions it was at leat worth a try! ;)

    Also, I don’t hate these forums by any means, in fact, this is one of my favorite forums ever!

  • 0_1510491057901_forumeditor.png

    The editor is self-exploring, and also a “newbie” can get used to it, most problem from “firstposters” thatb they can not post links or logs caused by security features…

    But i think it is so that this double window editor is a bit nerdy!

    From inside a browser there is nothing “bad” in my opinion, the only think i would like is a codetag-button for inline code.

    O.K. it would be nice to have a wysiwyg like this?
    ( @developers )
    alt text

  • Well, the double window is very handy when you write something in another language. It shows one language on the left side, and the same text in another language on the right side. I like it! :)

  • @manuel said in Could the forum be improved?:

    It shows one language on the left side, and the same text in another language on the right side

    ? you have autotranslating inside forum editor?

  • @joekamprad
    Well yes, with chromium. :)

  • @manuel
    Actually it is not as easy to use as it sounds, you will still have to set the translation to happen, and copy stuff from a window to another… I wonder if it could be made automatically…

  • @joekamprad That is the kind of comment editor that I am talking about. It has one text box and a realistic example of what your comment will look like. It also makes better use of screen space which is especially useful for small phone screens.

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