• Move synced Dropbox folder to another drive?

    Hi there

    I have Antergos installed on a computer where I have multiple drives. By default, when I install Dropbox it goes to my home folder which is on my SSD, which is a fair bit smaller than an HDD that I have. Is it possible to move the folder from the SSD to the HDD?

    I’m running Gnome as well if that makes any difference.


  • @mattrbrousseau
    I think you can move it, but first quit dropbox, then move the dropbox folder, then make a symlink from the old place to new. Dropbox won’t notice any difference.
    For example, something like this:

    mv ~/Dropbox /your/new/path/for/dropbox
    ln -s /your/new/path/for/dropbox ~/Dropbox
  • @manuel

    That’s wonderful, thank you. I’m just getting my new system set up now so I’ll try and see if it works.

  • @mattrbrousseau
    If you feel it is solved, can you mark this thread as such? :)

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