• Can't uninstall gnome-music, totem and transmission-gtk

    Everytime I do a fresh install of Antergos I uninstall gnome-music, totem and transmission-gtk, since I dislike these programs and use alternatives to them.

    This time, when I did my fresh install and tried to remove them with “sudo pacman -Rs gnome-music totem transmission-gtk” I got the following errors:

    “error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: antergos-cinnamon-meta: removing gnome-music breaks dependency ‘gnome-music’
    :: antergos-cinnamon-meta: removing totem breaks dependency ‘totem’
    :: antergos-cinnamon-meta: removing transmission-gtk breaks dependency ‘transmission-gtk’”

    Can someone clarify to me what is this about? Why are these programs considered dependencies to Cinnamon now?

  • @telmo.trooper
    Hi friend!
    You can uninstall with sudo pacman -Rdd gnome-music totem transmission-gtk for now.
    About cinnamon errors @karasu is probably testing the new DEs installer, so he can answer you on that.

  • @fernandomaroto That will do for now. Thanks!

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