• VirtualBox installation needs to lose focus for screen to refresh?

    Relatively new to linux and absolutely new to Antergos. I am running a Winblows 10 machine and using VirtualBox for testing the Antergos distribution. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. I didn’t know if it should be in Installation or in Newbie Corner. I opted for Installation because that is probably where I screwed something up. If that is not correct please move this to the correct forum.

    So Winblows 10, 64-bit, 16GB RAM, Radeon video card (2 GB), 4 processors (out of 8)

    VirtualBox: Version 5.1.30 r118389 (Qt5.6.2)

    I set up the VBox with 55 GB HD (set size), 128 MB Video (most it will do), 8 GB RAM. I opted for the Gnome desktop during installation. During installation I chose Chromium, Firefox, SSH,Flash and the VirtualBox Guest Editions. I believe those were the only one’s I selected. However, I have re-installed 5 or 6 times so I am not 100% sure what the most current installation had selected.

    Here is a screenshot of my VirtualBox Settings:
    alt text

    I install and everything seems to go OK. I didn’t use the auto-partition but rather chose “Something Else” (or however it is phrased).

    This are my partition:
    1024 MB Fat 32 Boot/Efi
    20000 MB root
    4096 swap
    Rest of virtual hd for /home

    The sequence is:
    1 boot
    2 root
    3 home
    4 swap

    I am only running one user (me). This is the same setup I used when trying out Mint and Ubuntu.

    Installation finishes and I close the virtual machine. Remove the live iso link from VBox. Restart. It starts fine. This is where it gets weird.

    I have to remove focus from the virtual box for anything to happen. For every action. For example…

    I start VirtualBox. I click the Antergos entry and click start. Antergos launches. I get the backdrop and the clock/welcome/login screen. I can click the clock and then enter my password. I hit enter and the screen (the virtualbox screen) turns black. White cursor, black screen. If I do nothing it will stay that way for at least 5 minutes. However, once I hit enter if I move the mouse and click on my windows desktop, the screen immediately turns to the Antergos/Gnome desktop. Now let’s say I want to open Nautilus (Files). I move the mouse over the Files icon on the side launcher. Click and real fast I’ll see the spinning cursor then nothing. Move the mouse and click on Spotify that is running on Windows and immediately I’ll see Nautilus open with the different folders from my Home. Click the ‘X’ (close) on Nautilus and nothing. Click the Windows start menu/superkey and in the VirtualBox window Nautilus will close.

    It seems like VirtualBox/Antergos needs to lose focus for the screen to refresh.

    This occurs when I have other programs running (right now on Windows I am also running Spotify, Firefox, Visual Studio and File Explorer all open). However, this also occurs if I am running nothing but VirtualBox.

    Can anyone point out where I messed up? Please remember that I am pretty new to Linux and absolutely new to Antergos.

  • Do you have seamless mode enabled?

  • @joekamprad

    I have no idea what seamless mode is. Is that a VirtualBox setting or something i need to enable in Antergos? I don’t remember seeing that in the different installation tutorials I watched.

    Ignore that. I checked in VirtualBox and under User Interface it is checked.

    alt text

  • @Noob2Linux

    What virtualbox packages are installed?

    Could you hit what the console throws in here?

    pacman -Qi virtualbox
    yaourt -Qi virtualbox


  • seamless mode is a viewmode like fullscreen where you can seamless use our input devices inside the box and outside depending on your focus.

  • @judd

    pacman -Qi virtualbox
    error: package ‘virtualbox’ was not found

    yaourt -Qi virtualbox
    error: package ‘virtualbox’ was not found

    Does VirtualBox have to be installed on Antergos also? I thought installing the Guest Editions from the installer would be enough.

    Is that where I screwed up?

  • @Noob2Linux said in VirtualBox installation needs to lose focus for screen to refresh?:

    ¿Es ahí donde lo arruiné?

    No, I just gave him those commands to know what vbox packages he has installed … but I see that the commands did not work …

  • virtualbox itself not but some modules virtualbox-guest-modules-arch

    pacman -Qs virtualbox

    is what it needs to be to see this

  • ls -l /etc/modules-load.d/
    ls -l /run/modules-load.d/
    ls -l /usr/lib/modules-load.d/

  • @joekamprad said in VirtualBox installation needs to lose focus for screen to refresh?:

    pacman -Qs virtualbox

    is what it needs to be to see this

    Of course the i is to see inside my system :)
    bad mia, apologies

  • OK. I have installed the ‘virtualbox-guest-modules-arch’ from the software center. I am being called into a meeting so I will have to check a little later to see if it’s working.

    This community freaking rocks!!! Seriously, when I had issues with Mint and Ubuntu it took hours and days to get non-responsive answers. I know this is Arch and probably way over my head but first impressions of the community hands down goes to Antergos!

  • @Noob2Linux
    Hi friend! welcome to our comunity!
    Just in case: it’s nice to install any extensions for virtualbox under windows too, i mean extension pack etc

  • @fernandomaroto
    I added that tonight as well.

    To everyone that helped… THANK YOU! I know it’s not cool to shout in the forums but I’m happy because it is working in a most awesome way. I didn’t test before adding the extension pack in Windows but one or both of those solutions fixed my issue.

    Man this is a freaking sweet looking/feeling distro. It boots up much faster that Ubuntu (which used Unity). And significantly faster than Mint. A friend who uses XFCE told me Gnome would bring my system to a crawl versus those other two distros.

    Fast booting, fast loading of programs and a community that is helpful. I am enjoying the Antergos experience right now 👍 👍 👍

  • @Noob2Linux you are welcome!

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