• Dual boot Windows 10 and Antergos (Legacy)

    Hi im new to this and i wanted to install antergos alongside my windows 10. I checked my windows boot mode and it was in legacy mode. I have a partition /dev/sda1 of type ntfs(13G) /dev/sda2 of type ntfs(703G). I have created a /dev/sda4 of type ext4(150G) to store my antergos root files and also a /dev/sda5 of type swap(8G) as a logical partition. And lastly the “Use this device for bootloader installation” i have only one option /dev/sda. I would preferably like to use the Grub bootloader if possible. Thank You

  • In legacy BIOS mode grub will install onto the mbr (Master Boot Record) of the device you choose.
    So it will overwrite the Windows bootloader.
    But you can boot windows from grub too, as it will mostly detect it on configure.

    But at the moment there is a problem sometimes to get grub installed correctly with more then one other OS installed, not sure if this will effect you. Mostly it fails only with more then one other OS installed.

    But not a big problem at all as you can repair it later, and Antergos will boot in most cases.

  • @HunterKiller
    Sounds like a plan!

    You might want to create a rescue disk in Windows first, just in case.
    Grub will install itself to /dev/sda, overwriting the Windows MBR.
    Rescue disk should be able to fix Windows MBR if needed.

    Then in Antergos install just select /dev/sda4 for Antergos root (/), /dev/sda5 for swap, /dev/sda for grub and continue. You should be able to boot Windows, too, after Antergos installation.

  • @manuel Hi thanks for your help. I was wondering if the rescue disk is available online for me to download or if its only possible for me to create one myself. from my undrestanding i should install the grub and overwrite the windows bootloader. most likely doing os-prober wont do anything since the windows bootloader is corrupt at this point and grub wont detect it am i right?. After fixing the windows bootloader will grub bootloader be untouched and if so will grub automatically detect windows or will i have to configure it manually? Thank you

  • @HunterKiller
    I don’t know if it is possible to just download Windows ISO from Microsoft and use that as a rescue disk (do you have a Windows install disk?). If so, in order to work properly, it needs to be the same Windows version that you have.

    Os-prober should find your Windows (depending on how your Windows boot is broken).
    As far as I know, grub will overwrite only the MBR in /dev/sda.

    But if you install Antergos and then fix MBR, then only Windows will boot. Then you get Antergos back in boot control by installing grub again to /dev/sda (using chroot).

  • yes you can download Media Creation Tool under Windows and create a usb stick or CD-ROM media: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO

  • @joekamprad Correct me if im wrong but isnt the Media creation tool only for UEFI GPT bootloader fix? if its also possible for BIOS MBR can you tell me how the steps that i have to take to fix the bootloader or a link to a guide. Thanks

  • @HunterKiller
    I believe Media Creation Tool is just for writing a Windows ISO to a USB stick, nothing more.
    Then you can boot to Windows installer (and probably some rescue stuff, too) with that stick.

  • isnt the Media creation tool only for UEFI GPT bootloader fix?

    No i use this here on my Bios System to fix Boot on two different machines. you will be able to get into advanced repairing into CMD and there you can use commands for both uefi and bios.


  • And windows rescue tick/dvd is only to stay save, if installation fails and you need to get windows running again.
    if installation went fine, you will have grub with bootable entries for Antergos and Windows!

  • @joekamprad After the antergos installation i restarted and the boot menu only had antergos and advanced options with no windows so i used the repair tool and the command line to “bootrec /rebuildbcd” returning a positive on the windows installation detection but when i try to add it to the boot list it says “The volume does not contain a recognized file system. please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.”

  • @HunterKiller as you have two ntfs volumes i think you need to add the second one (first one is mostly the rescue system)
    But you can also try adding it into grub out of the livesystem from ANtergos:


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